Download ALFS


There is a tarball of the most recent stable version, though due to its age it won't work well with recent versions of LFS. To build current LFS, you should use the development version of jhalfs, which is maintained as a subversion repository:

svn co svn:// jhalfs-trunk

Packages required for jhalfs

Before it can parse the LFS book for commands, jhalfs needs to have a local copy of the book's XML source. Currently, jhalfs relies on Subversion to ensure that it has the most up-to-date version of the LFS Book. There are build instructions in BLFS.

To extract the commands from the LFS book, jhalfs relies on xsltproc from the libxslt package. There are build instructions in BLFS.

If you want jhalfs to automatically download the source packages LFS uses, you'll need to have either wget or curl installed. There are build instructions in BLFS.

Getting nALFS from SVN

You have two options to access the SVN archive of the ALFS modules. If you have the svn program installed, you can checkout a copy of the current ALFS modules and work with the files yourself. There are many choices presented here.

To get the current nALFS sources:

svn co svn://

To get the current LFS development profile for nALFS:

svn co svn://

To get all available ALFS DTDs:

svn co svn://

To get the current development version of jhalfs:

svn co svn:// jhalfs-trunk

An alternative is to view the ALFS source tree online on the SVN Web Interface.